How to apply for a job through Emirates Job Bank – 2020?

1. Getting Started

The following Training Toolkit is meant to serve as a reference to help you get the most out of your experience. Though we have made sure to make the website as user friendly as possible in each step of the design, we also encourage you to visit this presentation in the unlikely case of facing any difficulties.

If this is your first time visiting the platform, you will need to register your personal and professional details before you can gain full access to the site and start applying for jobs.

Once registered, these details can be accessed by companies looking for Emirati talent just like you.

2. Arriving on AEJobs Platform

To go to the AEJOBS portal, enter the URL in your browser. You will arrive at the landing page of the AEjobs portal as shown below.

Click on “Job Search” tab at the top of the home page to view all opportunities currently published for Emirati talent on the portal.

Searching & Applying to Jobs

Clicking on the Job Search tab on your homepage will display a full list of available vacancies. These requirements are directly advertised by registered employers.

The search jobs section will list all available vacancies which can be sorted by date, company name (alphabetical) or job title. These listing may run into hundreds and appear

Over multiple pages. To shortlist vacancies of interest, it may be more suitable to use the advanced search tools.

To search for jobs, you will need to click on “Advanced Search”.

Automatically you will be navigated to the page shown below where you can enter any desired keywords, job location, company industry, etc.

In addition, you have an added option of saving your current search selection as a job alert and set its alert frequency. This way, every time a job that matches your chosen selection criteria is posted on AEJOBs, you will be alerted periodically (based on the alert frequency you set.)

After clicking Search, the results will be displayed as demonstrated below.

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  1. You can click on the Job Title to get more details,
  2. Choose to click “Apply Now” if you wish to apply instantly

By clicking on the job title, you can view the entire job description of this job as posted by employers, as shown below:

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Read the job description carefully with special attention given to any advertised skills, years of experience, preferred criteria and salary brackets. Employers are increasingly particular about their hiring requirements and your CV will have to be a strong match to be shortlisted or viewed.

On the job description page, you can a host of buttons, as listed below:

Apply Now

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Five Palm Jumeirah Latest Vacancies Updated 2020

Five Plam Jumeirah is one of the luxurious hotel with 470 rooms and suites has been tailor-made through modern design and world-class technology to provide a the best guest experience, which encapsulates all aspects of elegance.

Five Palm Jumeirah located in the iconic Plam Jumeirah Island with the view of Arabian Gulf and Marina Skyline!

Would you like to apply for Five Plam Jumeirah?

Available Vacancies,

You can process your application,

  • If you have experience in hotel industries,
  • If you have diploma/degree in hotel management,
  • If you are currently in UAE!
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Sharjah Airport Jobs – Latest Vacancies – 2020

Sharjah is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and third most populous emirates, which lies on the southern bay of the Arabian Sea. Sharjah considered as the social capital of the UAE and generally a progressively moderate city.

Would you like to work in Sharjah Airport?

Sharjah Airport is one of the leading and third largest air service providing international airport in United Arab Emirates.

The development of the Real Estate and Hospitality business in Sharjah has brought about a lot of career openings.  Sharjah is the ideal location with best work environment in the UAE because the cost of living comparatively cheaper than Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

Available Vacancies: 

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Jobs in Dubai Expo – Do you want to be a part of festive Dubai Expo 2020-2021?

Get yourself ready moving to the city full of luxury shopping malls, modern architecture, stunning skyscraper and lively midnight life by joining Dubai Expo 2020-2021. This time, Dubai will be the host of world expo event which held every once per five years. Although the event will still be held in 2020-2021, The career opportunity is wide open. Among all careers in Dubai, this will absolutely be your dream career. Working in Dubai has never been pleasurable without the benefits that the city and the work itself offer. This will be the most interesting career in Dubai as it accepts people from different backgrounds, nationality, ages and cultures. Dubai Expo 2020-2021 will be held in strategic area located in South Dubai adjacent to one of International airport and it will be held in 4.32 square kilometers are included with 200 gates.

This career will get you the opportunity to witness the greatness and the festive of human ingenuity. Not only that, you will also be able to witness amazing ideas from people of the world. Dubai Expo 2020-2021 will be participated by over 200 participants all over the world including corporate, multinational companies, and also educational institutions. Therefore, prepare yourself to be outstanding individual to qualify to be a part of Dubai Expo 2020-2021. They seek brilliant individual who will be able to work in team and has strong passion to build and contribute to the better future.

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