Dubai Careers

Part 1: Dubai Job Market 2021. Things you need to know. Looking for a job in UAE.

oxy how can i find a job in dubai


as i mentioned the markets it’s so

dynamic there’s so many different

sectors that are hiring and making

people redundant unfortunately

dubai it’s the glitz and glamour place

and the salaries are amazing and

you cannot be a single male and enter dubai careers

with the visa

hi guys welcome to oxy vlogs on this

channel i talk about

work life and business in dubai and

you’ve been asking me oxi how can i find

a job in dubai dubai careers

so today i have a special guest trisha

chapman she’s a consultant

and she helps people to find a dream job

in dubai

and we decided to record a couple of


and share more tips with you that will

help you with this

job search process in the uae hi trisha dubai careers

thank you for coming today

please can you introduce yourself in a

couple of words yes first of all thank

you so much for having me on your

channel it’s really great to see that Dubai Careers

you have expanded and really helping the

job seeker or the community out there so

it’s a pleasure to be invited

as you mentioned i’m trisha chapman i’m dubai careers

the managing partner of impressive cv

we are an sme that focuses on all of the

tools necessary for a successful job

application so

these days that means not only your cv

cover letter but also the lacks of

linkedin optimization and

personal branding so i guess maybe just dubai careers


in summary i could give your audience a

little bit about my background

so i’m actually a registered nurse a

nurse by trade i guess as they say

i started about five years ago helping Dubai Careers

nurses and doctors

in sharjah which is a little a town

outside of dubai

apply for jobs especially those looking dubai careers

to to find employment abroad as well as

bigger or better opportunities in dubai

and over time i thought hang on a minute Dubai Careers

if i’m doing this so frequently why

don’t i turn this into a business model

so this is now my fifth year coming on

to impressive cv

and third year really honing in on on dubai careers


outside of the healthcare sector so i

think um it’s it’s

a dynamic industry that’s always

changing and really important to keep up dubai careers


speed with what’s happening yeah and uh

we all know that covet 19 changed our

lives and a lot of people

last uh lost their jobs so what do you

think about the current situation

in dubai yeah it’s a really good

question because

as i mentioned the markets it’s so dubai careers

dynamic there’s so many different

sectors that are hiring and making

people redundant

unfortunately but i really think there Dubai Careers

is um

room to for people and candidates job

seekers to flourish

they’re definitely sectors that are


for example digital marketing a lot of

business analysts from a digital


healthcare there is not enough nurses

and doctors at the moment

there’s a big campaign here going on to


search for qualified nurses

unfortunately the likes of your hotel dubai careers

and hospitality sectors suffer which

obviously you know the less least amount

of tourists uh in this

in the industry or on the ground the

less amount of staff that they need

um i.t cyber security these types of

roles are hiring

um so there’s there definitely is dubai careers

opportunities out there but it’s just a

matter of doing your research into those


so people still have an opportunity to

get a job absolutely

and to be quite honest this is probably dubai careers

one of the major countries

um or regions i should say that actually

is uh

hiring and has a lot of success with

candidates Dubai Careers

um however you do have to be in the


in the country to be able to sign a dubai careers

contract at present

they don’t generally hire

candidates unless they’re located in


so usually the c-level type positions

are accepted out of the country but at

the moment

you must be in dubai guys before we dubai careers

continue i want to say that if you’ve

been looking for a job in dubai but you

have no success

you don’t hear back from recruiters and dubai careers

you feel desperate

trisha can help you to get your dream

job trisha can you please introduce

your services and how you can help

absolutely so we offer an array of

personalized services we work one-to-one

with all of our job seekers

we support them with linkedin

optimization cover letters and of course dubai careers

cv writing

and for those aspiring leaders or people

with more than 15 years of experience

we offer support with personal branding

personality assessments

and of course interview coaching and do

you help

candidates to connect with recruiters

absolutely so we’ve got a dedicated uae Dubai Careers

job search job seeking package

this uh it has a list of all of the

available recruiters within the industry

there’s over 50 listed in this package

and of course cover letter writing and

email pictures

and cv writing templates oh sounds great dubai careers

thank you very much

and what people should research before

they come to dubai

um so as i mentioned definitely visa

requirements so they’re ever-changing

there’s lots of evolutions occurring

i’ll just give you one specific example dubai careers

um so

recently um the they announced that the

government announced that

you cannot be a single male visa and

enter the

you cannot be a single male and enter

with the visa

but these things are always changing so dubai careers

it’s sort of based on the supply demand

at the current time it’s really

important to find out

where the jobs are located so for

example you know you don’t book a hotel

in sharjah but actually all of the Dubai Careers

positions that you are

considering or looking at in abu dhabi


public transport here is quite different

compared to other regions and parts of

the world

so it’s really important to to research

where you’re looking to hire and make dubai careers

sure that your accommodation

is planned around that area

i think it’s really important as well to

expand and grow on your network

it’s such a market here that’s it’s so

important to have

you know references or at least people

you know who can put you in the right


as they say it’s all about who you know

not what you know

so do you advise people to start

searching for a job

while they’re in their home country or Dubai Careers

when they come to dubai

so my strong recommendation is do your


prior to coming you don’t really want to

waste your three months now i know

three months sounds like quite a while dubai careers

but dubai

generally things do happen a little bit

slowly compared to maybe

other regions now i’m not saying that’s

a good thing or bad thing but just be

aware things take time

so you don’t want to waste opportunities

while you’re sitting in your hotel

so i think it’s important to research dubai careers

and target the companies the sectors

maybe even find or research you know

hiring managers that you could at least

have a digital coffee with

or even meet face to face if applicable

or you know depending of course on the dubai careers

covered situation

but plan in advance i don’t think it’s

worth wasting your time in the hotel Dubai Careers


starting a job search um and i think

just uh

one other point that came to my mind was dubai careers


um you can target companies

that are close to one another you know

like cross-functional sectors and roles

and finding out who is actually hiring

so you said that before you come to

dubai or even when you come to dubai dubai careers

it’s important to start building your


so what are the best ways to build

network in dubai if you come along and

you don’t know anyone

yeah it’s a good question so these days

it’s really hard

getting a response from a recruiter dubai careers

so even some of my own clients you know

trisha what can we do we’re not hearing Dubai Careers

back anything so and and i kind of

understand from from two standpoints so

recruiters are obviously getting

hundreds maybe even thousands of emails

requests or

um you know conversations in their

linkedin inbox so

you need to start thinking outside of

the box how can i get attention

or how can i get you know focus on me so dubai careers

a couple of

um strategies that have worked and dubai careers

especially with my clients or you know

just the chit chat around on the on the

digital spaces

attend zoom calls so quite often you

know people are

doing webinars live webinars or resume dubai careers

recording and you can sign up get your


and you can create a video cv to be able Dubai Careers


send across into into inboxes or post a

link to it

and share this on those digital events

that you go to

and engage in meaningful conversations

so don’t just put you know one or two


comments on people’s posts on linkedin

for example

develop a relationship in a rapport by


and consistently posting on the digital dubai careers


i think also it’s important to learn of

anything that’s upcoming

so you know some in some cases there are


um that might be live or face-to-face

meetings that you can

you may have to pay for some of these Dubai Careers

but at the end of the day it’s an


because you never know who you’ll meet

another important point

that i always recommend my subscribers

that when you come to dubai to look for

a job

you should expect at least that it can dubai careers


several months for you to get something

and you need

budget to live in dubai and dubai’s an

expensive city so what can you recommend

in this case yeah this is something that

people always get sucked into you know

they say dubai it’s the glitz and

glamour place and the salaries are

amazing and

which yes i mean it’s a tax-free place

at the moment they they do obviously

have their vat

um and salaries are on the higher side

compared to

you know europe or or those types of the

regions but

don’t people often forget and maybe

people don’t discuss that actually the

cost of living in dubai is actually it’s Dubai Careers

quite high

so you know for example eating out it’s dubai careers

it’s a lot more expensive than what you

would find elsewhere even in my home


of australia hotels and rent

for example again although you can get

some great deals

but if you’re going to be staying here

for a on a long term basis

these are the types of things that you

need to analyze you know cost analysis

work out because

it’s not cheap even bottles of water

for example you know you need to add

things up because dubai careers

you can’t be drinking out of the tap

water here so these types of things you

need to consider into your

into your budgets and taxis if you’ve Dubai Careers

got meetings booked

um again factor these things in because

public transport again there’s

there’s one metro um one metro line

especially when it’s past 14 outside

yeah no no absolutely absolutely you

don’t want to be going to

from one maybe walk-in interview or or


you know dripping in sweat and and the

makeup’s all gone and

the men’s is uh it’s definitely factors

to consider because it does get hot and


and even when you get hired let’s say uh dubai careers


you received your contract the first

months usually you need to spend your

own money before you start getting Dubai Careers


so you need to make sure that i think

you have budget to cover your dubai careers

accommodation and transportation before

you get salary yes

absolutely because most companies here i

i’m confident to say most but you’re

paid on a monthly basis dubai careers

so people often forget exactly right

that that the the first salary is

actually not going to be until 28 30

days until actually your joining day

so then you’ve got to factor in all of

the time that you’ve just spent

without income plus the extra month

until you get your first salary

thank you trisha for this episode in our

next video we’re going to talk about

cv what you need to write there how to dubai careers

structure the right cv so it will go


ats system and you will find your dream