How to apply for a job through Emirates Job Bank – 2020?

1. Getting Started

The following Training Toolkit is meant to serve as a reference to help you get the most out of your experience. Though we have made sure to make the website as user friendly as possible in each step of the design, we also encourage you to visit this presentation in the unlikely case of facing any difficulties.

If this is your first time visiting the platform, you will need to register your personal and professional details before you can gain full access to the site and start applying for jobs.

Once registered, these details can be accessed by companies looking for Emirati talent just like you.

2. Arriving on AEJobs Platform

To go to the AEJOBS portal, enter the URL in your browser. You will arrive at the landing page of the AEjobs portal as shown below.

Click on “Job Search” tab at the top of the home page to view all opportunities currently published for Emirati talent on the portal.

Searching & Applying to Jobs

Clicking on the Job Search tab on your homepage will display a full list of available vacancies. These requirements are directly advertised by registered employers.

The search jobs section will list all available vacancies which can be sorted by date, company name (alphabetical) or job title. These listing may run into hundreds and appear

Over multiple pages. To shortlist vacancies of interest, it may be more suitable to use the advanced search tools.

To search for jobs, you will need to click on “Advanced Search”.

Automatically you will be navigated to the page shown below where you can enter any desired keywords, job location, company industry, etc.

In addition, you have an added option of saving your current search selection as a job alert and set its alert frequency. This way, every time a job that matches your chosen selection criteria is posted on AEJOBs, you will be alerted periodically (based on the alert frequency you set.)

After clicking Search, the results will be displayed as demonstrated below.

C:\Users\Tanvi Chopra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\B56D2B91.tmp

  1. You can click on the Job Title to get more details,
  2. Choose to click “Apply Now” if you wish to apply instantly

By clicking on the job title, you can view the entire job description of this job as posted by employers, as shown below:

C:\Users\Tanvi Chopra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\8F8B44C7.tmp

Read the job description carefully with special attention given to any advertised skills, years of experience, preferred criteria and salary brackets. Employers are increasingly particular about their hiring requirements and your CV will have to be a strong match to be shortlisted or viewed.

On the job description page, you can a host of buttons, as listed below:

Apply Now

If you like the job and wish to submit your application towards it, click on “Apply Now”.

Upon clicking apply now, the system will first take you to the account creation page, so that you can provide your basic information to the company where you’re applying to, in order for them to be able to view your details and consider you for the position.

C:\Users\Tanvi Chopra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\BC49516D.tmpCreate your Account.

If you’re a returning visitor and have an existing account on the portal, simply enter your email address and password to logon to your account.

If you are a first-time visitor to AEjobs and haven’t created an account yet, click on ‘Create New Account’ link, and select the option ‘ As Applicant’ to go to the registration page.

Registering on the AEJobs Portal

Fill in the details on the page, such as your first name, last name, contact number, email address where you want all the employers to be able to reach you, and other details.

You will have to declare and confirm you are a UAE National before you can proceed with your application.

If you wish to receive email alerts and job invitation from companies, click on the checkbox for ‘Receive Job Posting Notifications’.

Once done, click on ‘Create Account’.

You’ll see the next screen asks you to input your Emirates ID number, and your Gender and Contact Number. This information is required by the portal to verify if you are a UAE Citizen. Please provide your correct details in the requisite format to go to the next page.

Once you’ve filled in the minimum required information, the system will send you a registration confirmation email for your future reference.

System will also automatically redirect you to the jobs page where you wanted to apply. System will

Click on ‘Apply Now’ . You have an option of adding a cover letter to give your application an extra edge. Clicking on ‘Apply now’ will send your application to the employer who has posted the current vacancy.

A confirmation will be sent as well to your email confirming your job application. On the Jobs View page, you will also see some additional options.

  • Save – if you wish to save the post for future reference, and it will be saved under ‘My Saved Jobs’.
  • Similar Jobs – This option enables you to view jobs similar to the one you’re currently viewing
  • Print – you can also print a hard copy of the job advertisement or report it if you find questionable content.

Creating a Detailed Profile on the AEJobs Portal

If you wish to increase your chances of finding your next career opportunity on AEJOBs, it is highly recommended that you provide more information on your profile regarding your previous work experience, educational qualifications, languages known, and skills etc.

This will allow employers to find you more easily and quickly and also invite you to apply for a job they’re looking to fill.

To add more details to your profile, you can logon to your account. You will see your personalized dashboard Screen.

Click on ‘Post My CV’ tab on the menu bar of the homepage, and it will show you two options in which you can complete your profile.

Or you can click on ‘My Primary CV’ to go to your profile and more details to your CV on AEJobs.

C:\Users\Tanvi Chopra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\E6204709.tmp

Option 1: Use CV Builder

Using this option, you can build your resume from a scratch, completing your profile step- by-step as you go.

Click on each of the above sections to complete your CV.

In each section, carefully fill in required information. Some fields appear in red color on the CV Builder. These are mandatory fields Upon, clicking you will be taken to the following page. Enter the requisite information in the sections by clicking on ‘Edit’

Target Job

Add details such as target industry and your current career level, and click on ‘Save’

Contact Information

  1. Experience

  1. Experience

Further, to guide you which sections still are incomplete, the side-box on the right lists them out for you under “Suggested CV Sections “. Click on each of these missing sections to fill out information and proceed.

Each field in the CV builder is designed to make your CV more visible and searchable online. We encourage you to complete the various sections professionally and accurately to improve your chances of hearing back from prospective employers.

You should also upload your original CV (customized/personalized) as a best practice to increase your visibility amongst employers. Uploaded CVs can be searched by employers through keywords. The maximum attachment size should not exceed 1 MB.

Your CV is meant to be a dynamic document so you can always revisit each section and edit it from time to time to keep it fresh and updated.

As a final step to personalize your CV, upload a professional photo of yourself in JPEG, JPG or GIF formats. The file size should not exceed 3MB.

Remember, the more you invest in your CV, the better your chances of being employed.

Note: Remember to individually save each section as you enter information.

Once you have filled out all information, your CV completeness score on the right panel of the page reflects the same. A confirmation message informs that your CV is now complete.


Now your CV is complete and ready to be shared with employers!

You have successfully completed your CV on AEJobs. By default your CV is searchable by all companies registered on AEJobs, they can read your CV and contact you directly if they wish.

Option 2: Upload your CV

By clicking on this option, you need you locate your CV from your PC and click on “Open”. The system then will distribute CV data and fill the corresponding fields of the CV, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

Personalized Dashboard

On logging in to your account on the AEJobs platform, the system will takes you to the ‘Dashboard’ page of your account.

  1. The Menu Bar on the top side of the page consists of the following options :

  • Home – Click to return to homepage from any other page on the website.
  • Dashboard – Gain an overview of your CV performance and Job Alerts. Manage your job applications, account settings, profile information etc., through a single interface.

C:\Users\Tanvi Chopra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\233D2865.tmp


  1. CV Information: Displaying summary statistics about your CV, such as number of times it came up in search results, number of times it was viewed, last modified on, etc.
  2. CV Applications/Searches/Views: These fields refer to statistics that can help you gauge the performance of your CV
  • Applications: refers to the number of jobs you have applied for since registering with AEJobs.
  • Searches: displays the number of times your CV has appeared as a relevant match against a search query run by the employer.
  • Views: calculates the number of times your CV has been opened and read by a company.
  1. My Job Alerts: Displaying the saved job alerts and the option to add new ones.
  2. Recommended Actions: Listing some recommendations for you to perform. For example, Complete / Edit your CV, Search Jobs, Career Articles and Guides…etc.
  3. My Job Applications: Listing all your previous applications.
  4. My CV: Clicking on this option will display any CV you have created previously. You can choose to edit your CV or simply preview it in See how employers view my CV mode. Revisiting and updating your CV from time to time is recommended practice.
  5. Job Alerts – This feature assists users who do not frequently visit AEJobs Platform but are interested in receiving job alerts and updates. There are multiple benefits of using this advanced tool.

You can save your job search criteria using the available filters (such as keywords, job location, industry etc.) and simply run your search the next time you log-in. The system

will remember your selections, so you do not have to search for suitable vacancies from scratch.

You can program the tool to email you daily, weekly or monthly notifications. You only have to login and apply if an advertised position catches your eye.

My Applications

Listing all your previous applications, under this option you can withdraw your application.

My Account

Under this option, you can change your account details like:

Personal Information

  • Contact Information

Account Password , Email & Newsletter Subscriptions

  • View Privacy Statement / Delete Your Account

C:\Users\Tanvi Chopra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\27155CBB.tmp

Editing any personal information below will automatically reflect on your CV profile as well.

Search & Advanced Search for Jobs on AEJobs Platform

  1. Search Jobs – Browse through a full listing of available vacancies. Search and shortlist positions of interest using keywords, job location, company name or advanced search options.

  1. Advanced Search – The Advanced search option helps you personalize your job search.

It will narrow down your search results and this is done by you choosing the desired Job Title, Location and Role, the Company type and industry, the minimum monthly Salary, the Career Level, etc.

In addition, it gives you the option of saving your search.

  1. By Company – this option enables you to search for any active jobs by company name.

  1. Saved Searches – using this option enables you to setup an email alert to remain updated about relevant jobs via email, you can add a saved search by clicking on the option as below.

Specify the required information like:

Email Frequency

  • Job Alert Settings

Click on ‘Save’, all saved email alerts will appear under ‘Email Alerts’ page and you will be receiving a notification for each suitable job as per your saved options.

  1. My Saved Jobs – Jobs under this option are those which you have saved for future check.

You are able to view the job posts you have saved under Saved Jobs. By Default, they are displayed in Summary View, however you can choose Detail View, to view them in more details, or you can delete one or all of them.

Languages– Change website language from English to Arabic.

Log Out-Exit the system.

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