Anti-Money Laundering Officer

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Jitendra Chartered Accountants

Jitendra Consulting Group is a reputed, multi-lingual & rapidly growing group of companies that offer Auditing, Accounting, Tax, Business Setup Consulting & Intellectual Property Registration services requires Anti-Money Laundering Officer with AML Certificate and experience.

Anti-Money Laundering Officer Job Responsibilities:

1. To implement risk assessment procedures of internal control and communication as may be appropriate for preventing and detecting the group being used in any money laundering activities. This will include the application of due diligence measures, enhanced due diligence measures, and ongoing monitoring in respect of its clients, associates, channel partners, and record-keeping procedures.

2. To monitor and manage the money laundering systems and procedures. firms risk profile by reviewing and evaluating them on an appropriate basis.

3. To ensure that its systems and controls are appropriately designed and implemented to manage those risks.

4. To ensure that sufficient resources are devoted to achieving these objectives.

5. To Monitor and manage the group’s compliance with the policy and procedures to help ensure their effectiveness.

6. To receive reports from any employees of the firm regarding suspicious activities or other matters which may concern money laundering or terrorist financing.

7. To manage the procedure concerning client due diligence measures (“CDD”) mentioned.

8. Clarifications and queries regarding CDD issues will be addressed to the MLCO.

9. To detect, identify and report transactions related to any crime timely.

10. To Review, scrutinize records, receive data and information concerning suspicious transactions from employees, and take appropriate decisions to either notify the FIU or maintain the transaction with the reasons for maintaining complete confidentiality.

11. To Coordinate and monitor the Groups day-to-day compliance with applicable Anti-money laundering Laws and Regulations and Groups own Anti-Money Laundering Policy and procedures in line with the Decree-Law. Propose and update the procedures periodically. Prepare and submit reports to the senior management at various intervals.

12. To Conduct employee training programs for appropriate personnel related to the Groups antimony laundering policy and procedures and maintaining records evidencing such training;

13. To Coordinate for enhanced due diligence procedures regarding clients wherever required.

14. To respond to both internal and external inquiries regarding the group’s anti-money laundering policies and procedures.

15. To collaborate with the Supervisory authority and FIU, provide them with all requested data, and allow their authorized employees to view the necessary records and documents that will allow them to perform their duties.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


  • Anti-Money Laundering: 2 years (Preferred)

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