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Bronze Electromechanical Bros

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BEB is currently recruiting for an Electrician to be based in UAE to support our specialty construction operations. Projects in this region typically include, structural reinforced concrete works, carbon fiber works, strengthening and post-tensioning of structures, Concrete repairs, Waterproofing, & cathodic protection works in industrial, commercial and Public markets. Join us today in making structures stronger and last longer.

As an Electrician, you will be responsible for:

  • Making appropriate material purchase request as per job requirements
  • Performing maintenance procedure to keep equipment, power tools and DBs and SMDBs in good working condition in the warehouse.
  • Replacing and upgrading faulty or outdated electrical equipment, tools and wiring including isolation faults for safe removal and replacement.
  • Coordinating with operations team to fulfill requirements of power for entire machinery and tools at jobs sites at the time of pre-planning
  • Testing electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters and oscilloscopes to ensure compatibility and safety of system.

Successful candidates should meet the following criteria to be considered for this position:

  • Sound knowledge about cable wires, ELCBs
  • Ability to repair or replace wiring, equipment, and power tools
  • Qualified Electrician with Degree/Diploma + Certification in Wiring
  • Ample knowledge and hands on experience in construction site electric related works
  • Sound knowledge in; Main DB Connection from LV room, manage load distribution of tools and equipment as per job requirement and available power source. Prepare SMDB and distribute tools and equipment load accordingly
  • Must be physical capable of performing work from ladders, scaffolds to maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures.