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Procurement and supply chain management is fast evolving and becoming more complex.

Companies gain a competitive advantage by operating cost effectively and supply chain efficiency is critical to achieving this. The competition gets harder every day. How you manage planning, sourcing and delivery of goods determines your costs, quality and agility in responding to customers.

More businesses are reaching out to us to address their leadership and specialist skills gap in a more technology and driven environment as their business models change to meet market and customer demands.

Today’s supply chain, warehousing, distribution and logistics operations are facing pressure to significantly reduce costs by becoming more efficient and leaner. Coupled with this in a highly competitive market with customer expectations for quick delivery of products, forecasting and demand planning are the biggest challenges in supply chain management today.

Equally, procurement leaders need to be more strategic as sourcing and buying has become complex and competitive requiring them to be more commercial astute and profit driven.

Procurement and supply chain functions need to more forward thinking focusing on automation, technology and supplier relationships whilst continuing to deliver on traditional cost savings. This requires logical thinkers who are innovative and technology savvy capable of adopting and adapting to rapid technology and digitalization advancements.

We are working with our clients who are facing recruitment challenges when trying to fill mid-level and senior procurement, supply chain and warehouse management roles due to the growing complexity of commercial and data driven expertise.

As competence in data, analytics, compliance and regulatory become more critical in procurement and supply chain management Plum Jobs continues to work with business leaders to define and execute more robust talent management strategies.